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About The Better Shotmaker         

 My Black Max machines have the best materials and components I can find. Since 1962  I have made many improvements. The ladle/bowl is made of Cast Iron where others are made of Aluminum. I only make a 220 volt 15amp machine. The internal wiring is #12 heat shield. The frame is fabricated steel. There is an On/Off switch.  There are seven (7) drippers/nozzles to a single  bowl machine. In the past I have not done much advertising other than word of mouth. Now with modern technology and computers people like to see what they are looking to purchase.      This machine can produce110 lbs of shot per hour. I DO NOT take credit cards, only bank cashier check or postal money order as paymentABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CHECKS please. I also would rather talk to a customer about their needs before selling them a machine they won't use. Therefore you won't find my address on these web pages.